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TINPHY is a manufacturing, distribution and marketing corporation specilizing in supplying various ingredients for personal care, especially for skin care. We are experienced with professional suggestions for the market, technical supports and rich resources for customers, and competitive good quality products for our partners.
TINPHY inherits the traditional virtues of China. We are always focusing on our customers, bringing excellent products and solutions on the principle of honesty, integrity and responsibility. We respect the harmony between man and nature, because we believe that only sustainable development is our future.
Vision: To be the reliable market provider for our customers in skin care.
Mission: We are dedicated to bringing excellent skincare ingredients for our customers.
Common Target: Exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Our values:
  We manage our corporation by virtue and people-orientated.
●  The real profession is to focus on every details for perfection.
●  Excellent statisfaction is to exceed our customers' expectations.
●  High standards and responsibilities build our professional services.
Our Spirits:
●  Focus on common target of exceeding our customers' expectations.
●  Pursue the changing market.
●  Respect others in high regard.
  Progress with double-win spirit.
  Fight for our dreams.