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Hand Cream

  Formulation Guide

  Formulation   Hand Cream
  Application   Hand Care, Skin Care
  Typical Formulation Ingredients
Phase Ingredient Quantity (%)

1. Heat Anhydrous Lanolin and Cetearyl Stearate to 50~60, then add Phase A, and stir it untill uniform. 
2. Add Phase B slowly into Phase A and stir it untill uniform . 
3.  Wait untill it cooled down to 30~40, then add  Phase C and stir it untill uniform
A TP 9045 5.0
TP PO 01 3.0
TP 305 3.0
Shea Butter 3.0
Anhydrous Lanolin 2.0
Myristyl Lactate 2.0
Cetearyl Stearate 5.0
B TP PG 10 5.0
TP HU 45 0.3
Deionized Water To 100
C Preservative Q.S.


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