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Moisturizing Cream

  Formulation Guide 
  Formulation           Moisturizing Cream
  Application            Skin Care
Typical Formulation Ingredients
Phase Ingredient Quantity (%)


1. Heat Lanolin to 60 and melt. Then add the other Phase A, Stir it until uniform. Make it ready for use with constant temperature.
2. Add Phase B slowly into Phase A and stir it until uniform.
3. Dissolve the Pullulan with deionized water.
And then add Phase C when it is cooled down to 40
4. Wait until it is cooled down to 30
, and then add Phase D and stir it until uniform
A TP 9041 15.00
TP 305 1.50
GTCC 3.00
Anhydrous Lanolin 5.00
B TP PG 10 3.00
TP 940 Carbomer  0.20
Triethanolamine Q.S.
Deionized Water 20.00
C TP PLN 95 0.30
TP HA 92 0.20
Allantoin 0.10
Deionized Water To 100
D Fragrance Q.S.
Preservative Q.S.

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