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Skin Repairing Expert - Yeast Beta-glucan

What is it?

Yeast beta-glucan is a polysaccharide exits in the cell wall of yeast, which has unique molecular shape and can fortify the immunity of human beings.

What are the features & applications?
Yeast beta-gluan has various applications of sunburn repairing, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, moisturizing and etc. It can obviously increase the renewal rate of stratum corneum and skin humidity and decrease the concentrations of squalene hydroperoxides and the skin erythema,damage and aging compared with untreated skin.

These materials have the powder to boost collagen production, defend against external threats such as sun, smoke, environment assaults and mitigate the effects of stress. 

With all above applications, it is becoming more and more widely used in the personal care products such as cream, emulsion, sunscreen, body lotions and etc.

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