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Natural Water Cream - High Water Drops

  Formulation Guide 
  Formulation           Moisturizing Cream
  Application            Skin Care
  Typical Formulation Ingredients
Phase Ingredient Quantity (%) Effect
A TP 9041 1.5 Emollient
TP 3196 2,0 Emollient
TP PO 01 1.5 Anti-aging, Moisture, Repair skin
Polyglycerol-3 Diisostearate 0.3 Emulsifier
B TP HA 92 0.2 Moisture
Glycerol 3.0 Moisture
Deionized Water Top 100 Solvent
C Preservative Q.S.
TP 9041:   Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethicone Crosspolymer
TP3196:    Carprylyl Methicone
TP PO 01: Sacha Inchi Oil
TP HA 92: Sodium Hyaluronate

TINPHY Water Cream is used Silicone Elastomer and Octyl Silicone Oil as foundation. And with the help of Polyglycerol-3 Diisostearate’s special emulsified ability, it forms a critically stable system in the formula. TINPHY Water Cream can maintain its stability in common conditions while water can easily burst out when applied on the skin. Besides having typical moisturizers like Sodium Hyaluronate, glycerin and etc, it also contains the natural plant oil --- Sacha Inchi Oil.

The appearance of Water Cream is milky white, soft and crystal, with the unique aroma of Sacha Inchi Oil, it leaves your skin the refreshing and delighting sense of plant and nature.

1.Sacha Inchi Oil. It contains over 92% of unsaturated fatty acid with excellent anti-aging, regenerating and moisturizing performance. It can easily penetrate into the skin and be absorbed.
2.Excellent water bursted-out ability. The content of water in formula is over 90%, water will burst out and spread to the surface when applied on the skin, giving you the cool and moisturizing skin feel. It is especially suitable for the region with hot weather.

3. Silky smooth skin feel. As the applications of Silicone Elastomer, Octyl Silicone Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil provide the cream outstanding spreadability, it will form a permeable film on the surface after water dispersed and bring the skin silky and smooth feel.