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Hempseed Oil - A Natural Ingredient for Skin & Hair Care


In ancient Indian and Chinese medicine hemp's applications were described to slow aging, stimulate and enhance blood circulation.

HEMPSEED OIL comprises 35% of the total seed weight. This oil has a low amount of saturated fatty acids at 8%, and a high amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids at 80%. It contains about 55% linoleic and 20% alpha-linolenic acids and antioxidants like vitamin E and carotene.

HEMPSEED OIL can be directly applied to the skin and hair. Its fatty acid composition closely resembles the skin's natural lipids, so when topically applied it can: 
1.replenish the skin; as an anti-inflammatory ingredient;
3.increase moisture retention; the appearance of aging or inflamed skin.

HEMPSEED OIL can be an excellent ingredient for anti-aging, anti-acne, sun care and moisturizing products.